Wednesday, June 21, 2017


A tern greets us at the dinghy dock 

Hinano Pearl Farm

Gunter gives us an explanation of the pearl farming process

Lunch spot

Our companion on the walk

My new starter pearls

Looking south
Sunset at the anchorage
Gilbert, our hermit crab stowaway

Friday, June 16, 2017

Southeast Fakarava

We motored to the southeast anchorage for some kiting and an early birthday dinner for Mike at Liza's with all 5 boats.

Mike had his best kiting day today and then we met everyone on the sand spit for a champagne toast and dinner.

It was a beautiful night!

Liza's beach
Liza's Reataurant
Gorgeous Sunset
Guests Arriving
With the Birthday Boy
Rob and Nancy
Liza and Mike by the fire
Rob and Nancy with Mike
Selfie with Nancy
Lisa putting a tattoo on Mike 
Mike and Brian 
Group shenanigans 
Lisa and Katie
Mike with a new Harley tat on his chest
Nancy putting a tattoo on Mike 
Betsy's amazing chocolate with chocolate ganache Birthday cake 

First Mate Kate

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

South Fakarava

We had a fabulous downwind sail from Tahanea to Fakarava.

We had the spinnaker up and it was so fun that I hand steered for four hours! We arrived mid-afternoon to the clearest waters we have seen!

And yes... those are sharks!  Black-Tipped Reef sharks, though, so they shouldn't be too interested in us as a meal.

The little town of South Fakarava consists of a dive shop/restaurant, a few piers, a church, and a few small houses.

Snowy Egret on the pier

Part of the dive operation

Coral-rich waters near the pass
A man washes his dog while black-tip sharks circle

The sharks swim in the very shallow waters and their fins peak out of the surface

Rich, turquoise blue waters surround the coral in the deeper areas

 The town and the view of the pass
The restaurant which also is a wifi center
Solar support!
The church
The bright, Polynesian colors welcome you with a sign saying that all are welcome
The inside of the church is decorated with shell tile and strung shells formed into flowers
Close-up view
Lisa and Katie sitting in a tree...literally.  There were two seats for us.  The view can't be beat!

First Mate Kate