Friday, August 4, 2017

Anne & Ale

Our friends Anne & Ale flew in from Denver to spend 9 days with us in Tahiti/Moorea.  We spent our first day in Tahiti together on an island tour with Corrine.

Alessandro & Anne
Building donated by the island chief. The bottle on top of the roof signifies his love for drink.
View of the lagoon by the Protestant church

Stunning street art

View of Moorea

Point Venus where Captain Cook hoped to view the passing of Venus. Unfortunately it was a cloudy night.

Tahitian boats stored on stilts.

Coastline just past Point Venus good for surfing and kiting

One of Tahiti's lovely waterfalls 

Black volcanic beaches

We stopped at a lovely fruit juice stand and had pamplemousse-pineapple juice. 

The owners had a lovely herb guardian, chickens and amazing lettuce, squash and tomatoes planted (among others)

Being sassy by another waterfall and gardens

Teahupo'o is a big deal surfing spot on Tahiti iti.  It produces some of the most challenging waves to surf in the world. 

This is the closest I will likely get to surfing.  
A silly beach-babe shot

The wave site and the commentary/judging stand for the surf competition.

It doesn't look impressive now.  Check out these videos of Laird Hamilton surfing in Teahupo'o

We are enjoying beautiful gardens outside of Papeete

Gorgeous waterfall

Beautiful koi and water Lilly ponds

And...after a long day sail to Moorea the next day, Radlers and nuts!

Happy to be in Oponohu Bay!

 Our gorgeous anchorage 

The mountains surrounding us
Anne's big 4-0 celebration with pastries from Le Perchoir

Anne & Ale relaxing in the warm water

Anne & Mike
Hanging loose

On our way to lunch at the Garden Café

Anne & Ale
Ale sailing Pangaea

An idyllic picture of the Wind Spirit leaving Oponohu Bay

We had a wonderful time with Anne &Ale!

First Mate Kate