Saturday, June 30, 2018

Huahine, French Polynesia

We had planned on sailing from Huahine to the Tuamotus, but the winds and seas sounded a bit sporty to deal with as my first sail of the season. Instead, we decided to do a little exploring of Huahine.

Our Anchorage in Fare

Our “Clown Bikes”

Getting diesel and gasoline from the gas station to the dinghy to the boat. That shopping cart was very handy!

Our neighbor in the anchorage. Rumor has it you can rent it on Airbnb.

Fare is on the large island or Huahine Nui. We moved down to Avea Bay and circumnavigated Huahine Iti, the smaller island of Huahine, on our bikes.

The islands are quite hilly and mountainous, which makes them an interesting ride. 

Here is a beautiful bay between Huahine Iti looking at Huahine Nui.

We had a beautiful day for a gorgeous, scenic tour.

Including a little local art!

This is Avea Bay....looking from shore out to our anchorage from a hotel.

Simply stunning. I’m sure we will have more Huahine pics in the future.

First Mate Kate

Raiatea, French Polynesia

We have spent the last month enjoying our continued exploration of Raiatea. We left the boat here for the hurricane season but didn’t have much time to explore last season.  

Mike’s Birthday was celebrated in style at the Raiatea Lodge. We had a delicious and beautifully plated meal followed by amazing creme brûlée and chocolate lava cake with a sparkler! 

We circumnavigated first by bike (42 miles) and then by boat with our friends Tom and Sylvia on Cinnabar and their guests Joe and Lisa.

Taputapuatea is a sacred Marae that has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Tribal leaders came here for religious and social gatherings.

The crew on Cinnabar 

A ceremony site 

 A large site for sacrifices and religious gatherings.

Lisa wearing the traditional Polynesian plumeria flower behind her ear.

Pangaea and Cinnabar in the bay off the Marae.

A perfect rainbow after a morning squall.

Happy to be back in French Polynesia!

First Mate Kate