Friday, September 28, 2018

Toau, Tuamotus

We sailed to Toau after spending a week or so in Fakarava. We needed a protected place to spend an upcoming Maramoo wind event and we wanted to see a new place.

It turned out to be a perfect place! Gorgeous and plenty of sandy beaches to walk and from which to kite.

Our friends Kate and Alan on Itajime joined us in Toau. We had a fun time exploring together!
 On one of our hikes we discovered that there were pigs on the island so we saved all of our organic scraps and brought them to the pigs on the beach. They were very happy to see us!

Mike got some kiting in, although he got a bit tossed around in the strong wind gusts.

We did have a break from the wind and were able to do some paddling.

Fun was had by all!
First Mate Kate