Saturday, December 13, 2014

Back in La Paz in time for Thanksgiving

Mike and Kate

Thanksgiving is always very special in La Paz.  I love the community gathering potluck that is a tradition at Marina Palmira.  While I miss seeing my parents and siblings and their families, there is something really awesome  about having Thanksgiving dinner with 220 sailors.  It's almost like the original Thanksgiving.  :-)

We ate dinner with our friends Rob and Nancy from Shindig and Kathy and Jim from Solar Flair.
Nancy and Rob

Jim and Kathy

It was also amazing to see John from Time Piece.  Here he is with his friend Debbie.

Debbie and John

Of course, no Thanksgiving is complete without a Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Race!  Last year our relay team was comprised of Rob from Shindig, Wendy on Willow and the two of us from Pangaea.  Team ShiWilloGea.  We did well, and Wendy actually won the women's sprint.  This year, Wendy couldn't be with us, so the four of us (Kate and Mike from Pangaea and Rob and Nancy from Shindig formed Team Pa-Shin for the race.  We were strong this year, too!  I like to think that we won (our age group)!

Kate, Mike, Nancy and Rob as Team Pa-Shin

We had a beautiful morning.  Just prior to the race, La Paz had a norther come through.  The timing of its departure was perfect for calm seas in which to paddle!  Our race was dedicated to Wendy who is back home in California.  No matter what time of day it is, her greeting is "Good Morning, Sunshine!"  We love her and miss her and hope that next year we can have our team ShinWiloGea back.

Mike is actually on Shindig right now helping Nancy and Rob cross over to the mainland.  I think they are having a blast.

I will be back down on Pangaea for Christmas.  My back and hip injury are getting more stable and I feel like I am ready to be back on the boat!

More updates to come!

First Mate Kate

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  1. So nice to have Thanksgiving together again! A great tradition. We are glad to have borrowed Mike for our crossing to the Mainland. Looking forward to playing with you both in 2015. Merry Christmas.