Thursday, February 5, 2015

Sailing Banderas Bay with Joe and Vicki


La Cruz - Punta de Mita

If there ever were such a thing as a perfect day for me, today was certainly it.  It started with a glorious sunrise and the happy reunion with our great friends and loyal crew members Joe and Vicki.  The morning was spent getting the boat ready followed by checking in with family and friends at the great internet of Gecko Rojo.  Mike and Joe went to the fish market to pick up dorado filets and shrimp for dinner.  We checked out of the marina and were off!  

The un-docking out of the Marina Riviera Nayarit went flawlessly despite a good 12 knots of wind and our winds were steady in the 12-16 range most of the afternoon. It was some of the best sailing we have had and we all had ear-to-ear grins the entire day.  We accidentally caught one of our favorite eats, a Sierra Mackerel when Mike casually put a line out.  I think that poor fish felt like he boogie boarded atop our wake for much too long as we really didn't notice we had caught him until Joe went to reel the line in to prepare for anchoring.  Joe reeled him in and gave him a shot of tequila to reward him for hanging on.

We anchored right about sunset and as we were settling into our spot, I spotted a humpback calf and minutes later both mama and calf.  I couldn't have been happier in that moment!  When we were here last we almost hit a tiny humpback calf that seemed to be struggling in the water with no mama in sight.  I was heartbroken.  Seeing this beautiful and graceful sight restored my heart.  I had tears of joy as we watched their dorsal fins arc out of the water, one by one.

We all took part in dinner preparation.  We decided that the mackerel had earned its spot in dinner, so the shrimp were tediously cleaned, peeled, deveined and prepped for grilling by Vicki and Joe and Mike cleaned the fish.  I made a large spinach salad with pear, yellow pepper, avocado, tomato, red onion, blue cheese and homemade vinegarette.  The boys grilled the fish/shrimp and we made tacos (with frijolles, of course).  Dessert was fresh papaya picked from the tree and given to us at dinner at Gecko Rojo the night we arrived back in La Cruz.

As we were finishing dinner I heard the blow of a whale.  Mike and I got up and looked, and there was the mama and baby back for an encore.  They were off our stern about 6 feet!  Mike was nervous that they were going to hit the boat.  To be honest, I wasn't worried.  We all watched them, in awe, as they swam in the light of the full moon.  I sang a couple of Mozart arias to them quietly as they passed by.  We enjoyed them for at least an hour before they were gone.

What a magical day!

Happy and grateful,

First Mate Kate


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