Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Santa Rosa

Captain Rob serving up tequila
A nice reunion with Agave Azul and Shindig

Neighborhood Sebastopol Artist Patrick Amiot dons all of the neighbor's lawns with his artwork. Super COOL!

When in Rome....I mean Sebastopol...go visit Kosta Browne (Winery is a stretch)...our wine club.

Katie at Kosta Browne
We were given a short tour

And moved on to the Crooked Goat for a beer flight and lunch
Wait...is that a smile on Mike's face?

Nancy and I shopping in Sebastapol
Amiot's pig

More cool art by Patrick Amiot

The next day we went to St. Francis for a special wine and food pairing experience.  It was amazing and very reasonable.  I will definitely do this again.

Le menu
We are ready

Thanks, Nancy and Rob!  We had a wonderful time!

First Mate Kate

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