Friday, August 19, 2016

Camping in Iceland

We liked the option of flying to Europe via Reykjavik so we could spend some time there afterwards. We chose the camping for 6 days option for the most flexibility.  We are really happy we did.  
Happy Campers delivered!  The van was great and we were very happy campers.

Day 1

By the time we landed, we really only had time to pick up the van and drive to the campsite in Reykjavik.
Happy Camper Van
So cute!

Inside storage, supplies, sink, fridge and portable gas stove

Happy Camper
Our Campsite in Reykjavik

Day 2:  Beginning of the Ring Circle

Queen Anne's Lace look-alike

Gorgeous waterfall
Pretty flowers

Pop of color


Valley below

Amazing snowfield and pieces of floating glacial ice

Mike walking down for a better look

Better perspective

Day 3

In Iceland you actually have to sign a waiver that you are responsible for damage secondary to sheep.  They are fast little buggers and seem to have no fear of cars.

Great view of glacier and ice field from National Park

Glacier Lagoon

Lava fields

Day 4 - South Iceland

Day 5

Namafjall Hverir- Kind of like being in Yellowstone National Park- Iceland has a lot of geothermal features and heats its homes and water using the heat from underground.  HOT HOT HOT

Nearby Volcanoes and Volcanic Lakes

 Huge Waterfall !

We found a private campground in our guide book which was really just a farmer's land.  He built a nice outhouse with running water and toilets.  We were very excited.

Day 6- A rainy drive to Gryndavik

Small hike up to the top of an old volcano that destroyed an entire community

We did another great hike up to the top of a volcano.  This one overlooked The Blue Lagoon and you could see all of Gryndavik all the way to the ocean.  There was an old Army camp on top from World War II.  Pretty cool.  Amazing that the sun came out for us!

We camped at a nice campground near the water and walked down for some lobster soup.  It was our only restaurant experience in Iceland.

John Lennon in the background
Restaurant Bryggjan

A cold time for a refuel
Little bit of blue sky

Day 6- Blue Lagoon and flight home

We really enjoyed Iceland.  We decided it was a good thing that we hadn't planned on biking here.  The roads are narrow and there a lot of "Looky-Lou's" out on the road.  It also was very windy and quite rainy.  We will go back another time for sure...maybe next time when we can see the Northern Lights.

Hope you enjoyed the photos!

Happy Campers!


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