Sunday, March 18, 2018

Sandhill Crane Fesitval

I had always wanted to go down to Monte Vista, CO for the Sandhill Crane festival. Cranes are particularly special to me (along with most birds) thanks to my parent’s interest when I was younger. They took me to the International Crane Foundation when I was in middle school and I tried to imitate the call of the cranes. Apparently I got it on the first try, as a Siberian Crane did a mating dance for me.
Now, every time I go home to Middleton I walk through the Conservancy near my folks house with my dad to see the Sandhills. My dad swears there is a soprano “Katie Crane” that imitates my call.

Now that my sister and I both have homes in Colorado, I thought this was the time to go. My friend Kathy and her boyfriend Shawn came along, as well.
We decided to go the weekend after the official Crane Festival to miss the crowds.

We got up before sunrise and drove down to the Monte Vista Wildlife Refuge. It was a gorgeous morning.

The cranes were starting to awaken and chatter but really started vocalizing with the sunrise!

It was really something! I’m going back again next year! The only thing that would have made the weekend more special is if our dad had been with us. Maybe someday.
First Mate Kate

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