Monday, July 10, 2023

Heading to Fiji from New Zealand

 Greetings from Marsden Cove, NZ.  We are checking out of the country and starting our sail to Fiji tomorrow am.  We left Riverside Drive Marina a little before noon so we could catch the noon opening of the Whangarei Bridge.

Our friends Ian, Ronnie, Ad, and Glen assisted us safely out of our slip, which was really appreciated because we had a mini squall move through.  So, I like to think we were baptized by New Zealand as we left.  We were also given a beautiful rainbow.

I made Lobster Bisque for our last meal before the passage with four crawfish tails.  🦞 

The passage is predicted to be 8 days long, so hopefully we will arrive before my cousin Eric arrives into Nadi on the 22nd.

The adventures begin again!

First Mate Kate

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