Monday, October 21, 2013

Happy Monday

Happy Monday!  It's been a long weekend of boat projects and no time for blogging.  Sorry to keep you waiting.  :-)  We decided that we needed new faucets for the boat.  That meant a trip to Home Depot.  That meant riding the rickety cruiser bikes.  Did I mention it's 10 miles to get to Home Depot?  One way?   Oh...and we had to go back today because we didn't have all the right parts.  40 miles logged in two days can only be good.

(Two old mountain bikes donated by a cruising couple now act as our transportation....the true "cruiser" bikes.)

Needless to say,  I love the faucets and when the project is done, you shall have photos.  I guess a plumber's crack exists in all of us.  We just have to be doing some kind of plumbing work.  At least this one's a sweet one!

(Mike in plumber mode)

Mike, Wendy and I went for a 2 hour paddle this am as Mike and I did yesterday am.  We saw a sea turtle today, which made me very happy, as I have only seen them out inthe anchorages before.

(Wendy and Mike paddling)

The water has been very clear and the wind is picking up every afternoon to make it a cheap version of A/C.  I appreciate it.  I just wish I was sailing in it.  The marina is great but the blowing wind just taunts us when we can't leave.

(View from the V-berth inside Pangaea)

It is fall here in La Paz, and it's time for the butterflies to hatch!  We walked by a bush on the way to the boat and it was covered with them.  I remember when I was little there was a connection to Mexico and monarch butterflies.

I love all the seabirds here.  Just as we were coming into the marina today, we saw a Great Blue Heron.  He was kind enough to stay.  Often times he will "squawk!" at me and fly away before I can capture his pose.

Here's another social one.  I am not sure what he is.

I found a pelican sleeping on a pillar on the edge of the marina next to the bay.  I think that's a snowy egret next to him.

We haven't had a bimini for a week now...but word is that we will have it back tomorrow, without canvas.  Here's the before picture...

You can see the boat photos at Pangaea World Tour Facebook Page of what it looked like before.

Pangaea World Tour Facebook Page

Hope everyone is having a happy Monday!

First Mate Kate

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