Wednesday, March 26, 2014

San Evaristo

Isla San Francisco- San Evaristo
8 nm
Engine hrs 72-74.6
S winds (light)
Sunny and pleasant

24 deg 49.289'N 110 deg 34.276 W
24 deg 54.61'N 110 deg 42.36' W

The sweet fishing village of San Evaristo

Wind was out of the south but didn't pick up until we buried the hook. We had another escort into the anchorage. This time it was a sea lion.  

Salt ponds in Isla San Francisco

This am we paddled to shore and gathered more sea salt from the salt ponds.  Then we paddled back out into the wind and did our daily set of squats, pushups, planks, and roll downs.  We had a sweet sea turtle sighting while we were paddling.  First turtle sighting at Isla San Francisco for us.

At the anchorage we enjoyed a quesadilla and read until dinner time.

Mike jamming in the cockpit

At sundown, we enjoyed G and T's and I played Mike a sundowner concert with guitar.

We noticed before bedtime as we checked out the stars and the fish seeking the light of our solar light that we had an osprey on top of our mast.  Cool.

Thankful for today,

First Mate Kate

First Mate Kate

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