Friday, April 3, 2015

San Pancho

The morning began perfectly today. I have been faithful about doing my core, back and hip exercises to keep my body moving as well as possible.  Thus, I was in the cockpit doing bridges when I heard the sound of blowholes blowing.  I looked up and there were three dolphins right next to the boat!  Without hesitation, I launched my paddleboard off the side of the boat and followed the dolphins as they moved through the anchorage.  I was able to paddle with them for about 20 minutes and I was in complete heaven.  I looked up toward Pangaea and there was Mike on his board paddling toward me.  When I left the boat he was still sleeping.  Together we paddled for another hour with the dolphins.  The water was glass-like as we paddled with only a ripple of wake from the boards as we moved across the water. Absolutely a perfect beginning to our day.

Nancy and Rob on Shindig invited us to take a road trip with them to San Pancho today.  Like Sayulita, San Pancho is a little surfing village on the north Pacific.  Unlike Sayulita, it is a quiet, relatively non-touristy Mexican beach town.  It was love at first sight!

Because it was Good Friday, we were privy to a processional of the cross through town with the locals and the beginning of a mass celebration for Easter.  Semana Santa, or Holy Week is full of church services, fairs, parades, family gatherings/camping on the beach and lots of food and fun   When we arrived, locals were just beginning to establish their turf on the beach.

We sat down and enjoyed the sights!

We purchased a small menagerie of animals from local children.

We had lunch in town at a lovely restuarant with delicious food.  Nancy and I enjoyed salads and the boys had, guess what? Tacos.

After a stroll through town we headed back to La Cruz.  What an awesome day!

The day was completed with a gorgeous full moon over the anchorage and grilled octopus at the new rooftop restaurant at the marina. 


First Mate Kate


  1. I couldn't have described our adventure better! And your early morning paddle with the Dolphins was perfect. Glad we could explore San Pancho together, a new favorite!! Nancy