Monday, September 21, 2015

New York City !

I love NYC!  I know many people share this sentiment.  When I was here back in May, it was cold and rainy.  We had fun, but it wasn't AS fun because of the weather.  Well, this trip made up for the last!  

Jerelyn, my best friend from college (GO BADGERS!) and I decided to rendezvous in the city that doesn't sleep for a much needed reunion and some play time.  We had such a fun time, I felt like leaving summer camp when the time came to head back home.

 We tried to get tickets for Jimmy Fallon but they sold out while I was in rehearsal in Aspen in August.  So, we stood in line for stand-by tickets.  Unfortunately for us there was only room for 12 more people and we were #42 and #43.

Rockefeller Center

On to plan B which was to get same day tickets in the TKTS like in Times Square.  There was a long line but Jerelyn saw a play only line and somehow we got right up to the ticket agent in a few minutes (much to the chagrin of the other people in line).  We got tickets to "Something Rotten" which was actually really fun/hilarious!

We had dinner at a Bistro in Times Square and then made our way to the show.  We had lovely gummies for dessert. I don't have the photos, but on the way to the show I was befriended by Spiderman and Batman (in costume) who really just wanted me to take a photo with them.  It was an odd experience, to say the least.
Jerelyn and I enjoying a glass of wine at the Strand

If you get a chance to see Something Rotten, GO!  It is really funny, especially if you have seen a lot of musical theater in your life.  They include one-liners and snippets from many of the top Broadway shows.

 The 911 Memorial was very moving and beautiful.  The architects/artists involved in the creation of the memorial got it absolutely perfectly.  There are two fountains lined with the names of the people who died that day and a continuous stream of water that pours into a square space where each tower used to stand.  What a gift to NYC!

 This cross was built from twisted metal found after the towers went down and stands near the site.


View from the Brooklyn Bridge

We got to have lunch with one of my favorite students, Erica Vlahinos!  She is one talented young lady who has already written and performed in the leading role in "Palin:  The Musical" and is currently in a National Tour of Curious George. 

 For our last adventure in NYC we went to dinner and had the most amazing food!  (of course I can't remember the name of the Restaurant!)  Then we headed to the revival of "Spring Awakening" with Deaf West.  I have to say, I was so moved to watch the combination of the deaf performers supported by non-deaf performers/musicians.  It was one of the best experiences I have had in musical theater.

The view from our rooftop bar at the Strand

Our last day in NYC began with brunch at Tavern on the Green and ended with a walk down Madison Avenue.  

The best eggs benedict EVER

What a great trip!  Let's do this every year!

First Mate Kate

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