Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Guadalupe Valley

We arrived in Guadalupe Valley just in time for lunch, so we met Robin and Katie at the Adobe Guadalupe food truck, famous for amazing cuisine.  

I swear those are the initials KH in the sky above the angel horse statue

The food truck at Adobe Guadalupe

We were actually staying at Adobe Guadalupe, but our friends were staying at La Ville del Valle, another beautiful place.  We didn't know anything about Adobe Guadalupe when we booked it, and staying there shortly after my best friend died, it was like it had chosen us.  There were angel statues everywhere and the owner raises horses.  Kathryn rode dressage and she was and is my angel.

Angel water tower in the midst of the grapes.

Our door

Pyramid Winery....great wines...all red blends

We spent our last evening having dinner at La Ville de Valle.  It was a special night.
La Ville de Valle

Sunset in the valley

An altar for Dia de los Muertos

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