Wednesday, March 22, 2017


We are officially checked out of La Paz and are on our journey to the South Pacific. Destination:  Nuku Hiva, Marquesas Islands. 

We threw off the docklines today! Twice!  The first time we left the docks we realized that the steering was backwards.  No bueno!  Mike and Al replaced the steering cables because they were showing some wear, but somehow miss-fed the lines.   Luckily we had a safe return to the dock and because they had just replaced the cables it was only a 2-hour fix.

The crew:  Mike, Katie and Al (in matching Pangaea Crew sunshirts courtesy of Al!)

Realizing our boat is turning left and not out of the marina.

Al at the helm after successfully leaving the marina.

Mike and Al happy to be out sailing

Al and Kate

Katie and Mike

We motored to Bahia Falsa in time for a beautiful sunset.  Happy to finally be on our way to French Polynesia!

First Mate Kate


  1. Happy adventuring!! Love to you all!

    Mary Sandage

  2. Love all the pics so far, keep them coming!