Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Booby on board

Un-docking out of El Cid was almost as challenging as docking, but we had a few people help us so it was relatively uneventful.  I always feel better after that is over.

It was a lumpy beginning to our crossing.  The winds just wanted to be right on our nose.  However, we did manage to sail.  Luckily, the winds turned to the south and we had a really nice downwind sail the rest of the trip.  We planned on sailing up to Isla Carmen and anchor at Salinas, as we missed doing that last year.

We had very little to look at on our 300 mile trip over. I saw one barge on my night watch, but other than that, we were out here on our own.  

That is, until a little booby decided to hop on our boat for a ride.  We had a stowaway on board for 30 hours. This little juvenile booby gave us a lot of laughs.  He didn't seem to care if we got close, but bit at the headsail when it flapped in his direction.  It was pretty funny.

Two boobs, a boob and a booby,

First Mate Kate

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