Monday, May 18, 2015


After our tour through Tequila, we made our way to Guadalajara.  Unfortunately, along the way we got stuck in traffic for a few hours because of a broken down semi.  Thus, we arrived just in time for dinner.  Thanks to Trip Advisor, we had reservations at Restaurant√© La Tequila.  It seemed appropriate and it was rated #1 in Guadalajara.  It held up to its rating!  The food, service and experience there were outstanding!

Our beautiful and delicious salad
Dinner is served! 
Mike's pollo de mole verde came with the best banana tortillas.  To. Die. For.

The next day we took the walking tour of Guadalajara Centro, taking in all sorts of museums, cathedrals and edificios.

We went into the Teatro, and were so inspired that we bought symphony tickets for that evening's performance.  Then we had to go buy Mike pants and a nice dress shirt.  

And the symphony...


We stayed at Hotel Frances the first night and moved to the Holiday Inn down the street the next morning after the disco next door prevented much needed sleep..

It was a whirlwind tour and hopefully a reconnaissance trip.  See you again soon!

First Mate Kate

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  1. So glad you enjoyed Guadalajara, and want to go back. Mike's concert attire looks fresh, and no folding lines, either! Looking forward to more fun times on the water and in the cities with you two.