Sunday, November 10, 2013

The last day at sea with Paul on the Sea of Cortez far we have had good luck with the wind.  When we needed to get north...the wind was lighter and we could sail there.  As we wanted to head south...the wind is from the north and STRONG!  We were really almost at a complete run.  The winds started out a little gentler than we wanted, and had a little challenge keeping the sails at wing on wing.  After an accidental jibe we kept the sails more at a beam or beam reach.  We started out with light winds but by the afternoon we had 15-20!  SO fun!

Paul having fun on the main
Mike enjoying the down wind sail
I look like the incredible shrinking woman behind the helm

Here's some great shots from the bow (thanks, Paul!)

We anchored at Cardinal on Isla Partida.  It's a great, quiet anchorage.  

The morning paddle before heading back

Mike decided to combine his paddle with snorkeling

I played hide and seek with a couple of sea turtles

First Mate Kate

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