Sunday, November 24, 2013

Todos Santos

Our friend Wendy (Willow) had her mom in town for a few days and I had the opportunity to drive down to Cabo with her to take her to the aeropuerto.  We stopped at Todos Santos along the way.  I just LOVE Todos Santos.  It is a little artist community on the Pacific side of Baja.  There are quaint shops and foody restaurants and, of course, lots of Mexican ware.

Winnie and Wendy

The town is full of charm; the streets are decorated in festive fashion and even the tables and benches are artistic.

We had breakfast at The Hotel California.  That's right.  Home of the song by the start singing with me now..."Welcome to the Hotel California".  We were able to leave after breakfast and get Winnie to her flight.  :-)  The food was great.  I had the Breakfast Benedict with a cilantro hollandaise sauce.  Talk about YUM!  Thank you, Winnie, for breakfast!  I did a little Christmas shopping at an artisan shop, including this lapis and pearl pendant.  Merry Christmas, Katie.

Breakfast Menu
New necklace

We had a pretty drive down the coast and even saw a few whale spouts along the way.  It's an awesome experience to connect with the humpbacks.  Even from the highway.

They built a new airport in Cabo and it's really suited to the tourism industry.  Very south L.A.  I appreciate the nice bathrooms, shops and restaurants.  Yes, in that order!

On the way back to La Paz we were stopped by the Policia and they were nice enough to wave us along.  Wendy has a way of charming everyone.  Nice work, Wendy!  Right as we were getting back to the city, we encountered this pickup truck in front of us.  Mexican moving.  A pickup, a refrigerator and two guys sitting on the bed barely holding on.  One big bump or sudden stop and we would have had a car-full.  HA!

Moving-Mexican Style

What a great day!  

First Mate Kate

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