Friday, April 18, 2014

Agua Verde

Punta Prieta to Bahia Agua Verde

25 deg 19' 37.7" N 110 deg 57' 16.0"W
25 deg 30' 52.5" N 111 deg 03' 45.2"W

9 am 3 pm
3 foot seas 
12-18 kts
Wind out of the N
Engine hours 78.4-80.0

I woke up early this am because of rolling so badly, only to discover dolphins swimming in pairs at the edge of the channel.  They were jumping out of the water in complete synchronization.  It was beautiful!

We had enough rockin' and rollin' so we decided to get out of there!  Little did we realize that we were rocking so badly because the seas were rough and big.

As we left the anchorage, a big wave rocked the boat and a bottle that was ready to be recycled rolled into the sink and broke our french press beaker.  Sadness!

We had to beat against the wind and waves to get to our destination, but it was good for us. We had a pleasant and more gentle end to our sailing as we approached Agua Verde.

While we were looking for a spot, we noticed our friends Kathy and Jim on Solar Flare in the north anchorage.  It was a bit congested, so we opted for a secluded beach spot on the south side, knowing that the winds were to switch to the south.

After a cerveza and guacamole, we went for a swim and a paddle, and paddled across the bay to see Solar Flair.  They invited us in for a glass of wine and a chat!

We left after sunset in time to get back to the boat before dark.  Showers were in order before our red snapper dinner.

I am thankful for today and our safe journey here.  It is really beautiful in Agua Verde!!
The north anchorage at Agua Verde

Looking at the entrance and the surrounding reef

Mountains and palm trees

Day 2

We spent the day today exploring Agua Verde.  We paddled into shore, locked up the SUPs and walked down a dirt road to a little tienda with goats, chickens and two little dogs outside and bought some bananas.  We met Maria, who also has another tienda on the other side of town.  She said she would have fresh goat cheese later this afternoon.  We walked down toward the beach and saw the school and church in town, as well as another tienda.  We bought some cilantro and flour and headed back to the boat.  We did our body weight and core exercises and then chilled on our boards with a shared cerveza.The town of Agua Verde has a school, a church, a restaurant and a couple of tiendas.

La Escuela

La Iglesia

Il Restaurante

Children from the village

SUP rack
Goats in the village

Day 3

The wind picked up, so no snorkeling today.  Instead, we made focaccia.  It actually turned out well and shared that with a bottle of Italian red wine (Coreo) for dinner.  

Mike and I went up to look at the stars and there were as many little lights in sea as stars in the sky.  Bioluminescence or whatever it is called.  Pretty spectacular.  

The night ended with another marathon of Breaking Bad.

Thankful for today,

First Mate Kate

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