Saturday, April 19, 2014

Bahia Concepcion


Caleta San Juanico-Santa Domingo, Bahia Concepcion

26 deg 22' 03.9" N 111 deg 26'58.6"W
26 deg 52' 02.8" N 111 deg 50'49.9"W

Calm winds and seas
Partly cloudy
Engine Hours 95.1-103.4
9:00-6:30 pm

Spanish Mackerel 22"- catch of the day

We had a pretty quiet (aside from the motor) trek to Bahia Concepcion.  It was a full day of quiet seas interspersed with light southerlies.  We had enough wind for about an hour to warrant flying the spinnaker.  Then the wind shifted to light and from the NE.  We finally got our wind back, right at the point of the bay.  That was when I caught the mackerel.  I was innocently reeling in the fishing line, assuming the pull on the rig was a load of seaweed similar to an earlier catch.  To my happy surprise, this seaweed had a face!  We got the little mackerel in and after safely anchoring commenced filleting her for dinner.  Yum!  Fresh fish with a capital F!  

First Mate Kate


Santa Domingo- Santispac

26 deg 51' 56.5" N 111 deg 50'46.0"W
26 deg 52' 02.8" N 111 deg 50'49.9"W

Engine hours 103.4-105.2
Mostly cloudy
Variable winds NE

We had a little wind when we started out, around 9 knots.  Slowly our wind diminished and we ended up motor sailing.  It is warmer here so we are thinking about swimming or snorkeling.

We were taking our dinghy off the boat when our friends from Solar Flair came up on their dinghy.  They were off for an adventure but said they were going to Ana's at the beach for rib night and invited us along.  We decided to meet at their boat with a bottle of wine for a little appetizer.

Ribs were great as were the margaritas.  We went back to Solar Flair for a little guitar playing and singing.  Jim was great and we all had fun.

We had some trouble with our outboard motor today.  It died as we were exploring and also on the way home to our boat tonight.

Grateful for today,

First Mate Kate


 Santispac-Santa Domingo

26 deg 52' 02.8" N 111 deg 50'49.9"W
26 deg 51' 56.5" N 111 deg 50'46.0"W

Variable winds, 4-11 knots
Mostly sunny
Engine hours 105.2- 106.5

It was a little noisy at the anchorage last night, especially the trucks barreling down the highway, so we decided to go back to Santa Domingo.  

We had a leisurely sail up to Santa Domingo and then settled down for an afternoon read and nap.

We finished our mackerel for dinner with plantains and black beans.

We were both tired so hit the hay early.

Grateful for today,

First Mate Kate

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