Thursday, May 21, 2015

Agua Verde

Candeleros- Agua Verde

The wind was supposed to pick up so we waited a bit and then headed out for Agua Verde.  We were able to sail most of the way there, except for the last 45 minutes or so.  We even caught a fish, but it was a bonita and a throw back.  Unfortunately, before we could release him he wiggled away with the line and the luer.  

When we arrived there were two other sailboats anchored in the west anchorage with the best north protection.  There was also a very pretty Nordhaven named Relish.  

We found a spot and then decided to go paddle.  This was despite the fact that there was 10-12 knots of wind blowing through the center of the anchorage and  3- foot seas to navigate.

We made it to the southwest anchorage and had a surf landing.  I landed several feet before the shoreline when a big wave came up underneath me unexpectedly and I did the Nestea plunge off the back of the board.

Two families in dinghies arrived on shore shortly after we did, and we met our neighbors on the sailboats Yolo and Terrapin.  Both had kids on board and were young. My guess is early 30s.  Nice people.

Mike and I walked the beach and noticed a bunch of dead lobsters on the beach.  We also found a whole shore of broken conch shells and the skeletons of rays.  We figured this was the wasteland for prohibited fishing activities.

We did a late afternoon hike along the ridge with José's dog.  From the top we were rewarded with a glorious view of the Sea and actually saw two humpbacks playing in the water outside the anchorage.

We paddled back to the boat and stayed in for the night.

Happy in paradise,

First Mate Kate


Happy Mother's Day (Feliz Dia de Madre)

We paddled into shore and visited the tienda for more limes, bananas, avocados and cilantro.  While we were there we met Rámon, a cyclist from Barcelona.  He was on a world-wide tour and had already been through Europe, Asia, and the US and had cycled from Alaska down the coast to Baja.   Pretty cool guy.  He said he was looking for a boat ride to Evaristo.  We needed to think about it, but were pretty sure we were going to offer him one.  He will send us his website/blog, hopefully, and we will share it.  He told us about a cycling website called where people can offer up a room and hot shower/ meal or two to cyclists looking to do long touring.  A cool idea.

When we returned to the boat we found Elegante in the anchorage and Shindig was on her way in. Reunion time!

Mike and I were playing music in the cockpit when Nancy and Rob came by.  We had some wine and then went to shore together.  After a little hike and another trip to the tienda, we planned a cocktail get together with Elegante.  We had appetizers and black bean soup courtesy of Nancy, and of course, Mother's Day Margaritas. Rob took us on a moonlit tour of the anchorage in Elegante's dinghy.

Another glorious day in paradise!

First Mate Kate

We remained in Agua Verde one more day, and enjoyed more paddling, hiking and fish tacos on Shindig.

We decided collectively to go to Los Gatos in the am.

I love this place!

First Mate Kate

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