Wednesday, May 20, 2015


We got up and went for.a paddle out to an old shipwreck in the anchorage and then paddled on shore to check out the old salt mine operation and the Hollywood set-like little town that now stands in its place.

Word has it that Carlos Slim (TelCel) owns the hunting ranch now a the center of town.  They have great wifi here that we definitely use and appreciate.

We walked out to the salt ponds which were in liquid form currently and Mike enjoyed playing on the old equipment.

 The old mining equipment stands frozen in time on the beach.

We ran into a group of kayakers; Baja Kayak and Paddle.  The leader, Janine introduced herself and then introduced us to a couple from New Zealand who run kayak trips out of Auckland.  (Auckland Kayak and Canoe).  We will have to look them up when we cross the South Pacific.

We took a nice hike on the beach and headed back to the boat.  The rest of the day was restful, as we both were tired from the crossing.

We had a nice dinner and went to bed early.

First Mate Kate

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