Monday, December 19, 2016

La Ventana Kiteboarding with Vicki and Joe

The gang was all back together in La Ventana for a day.  Nancy and Rob on Shindig came down for the night and Joe and Vicki booked a place for a week.  We stayed at Palapas Ventanas for 5 nights.  This was taken at Baja Joe's.

Mike enjoyed playing a little guitar while waiting for the wind to come up.

I took turns playing ukulele, guitar and keyboard.

The beach at La Ventana after the wind died and all the kiters cleared.

The view from breakfast at Palapas Ventanas

The kites drying at Elevation where I took my lesson with Robin. (He rocks, by the way!)

The view from our palapa

Mike, Joe and Vicki on the beach

Mike and Joe watching the Bronco Game at Baja Joe's

I worked as Mike's kite/board caddy

Mike heading out kiting with Joe's launch

To see Mike in action, click the link below for a video.

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