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Eric flew down from Minneapolis to spend the week around Thanksgiving with us on Pangaea.  He hadn't ever been to this part of Mexico or on our boat, so it was a new adventure!

Eric and Mike on our sail to Caleta Partida

The sunset was a crazy pink/purple that night.  This is an untouched photo.

Eric and I tag-teamed to cook Thanksgiving

The 7 k (14.4 lb) turkey does fit in the Force 10 oven!

Jalapeño Cranberry Sauce

Sweet potatoes and apples with bourbon pecans

After the food was prepped and the turkey was in the oven, we went for a paddle and swim.  While we were out, we met our neighbors on Dad's Dream, Rick and Daniel.  They were having a father-son week out sailing.  We invited them over to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner.

Mike gets the paddle boards ready

Eric takes a swim

Dinner commenced with a beautiful sunset

Rick and Daniel came over and brought an appetizer of baked clams they caught the day before.  They were amazing.  We had Kir Royals and wine with dinner, and we had so much fun we forgot to take any photos of the guests or the cooked food.  Oh well.  It was a fun night and we now have new friends!

Looking forward at Los Isolates, a sea lion rookery
We sailed down to Los Isolates to swim (snorkel) with the sea lions.  Eric and I went first and then I swam back to the boat and Mike joined Eric.  There were baby sea lions and quite a bit of activity.  It was really an adventure.  Eric loved it!  We made our way to Isla SanFrancisco for the night and arrived just in time for a hike and a sundowner.
Mike caught a fish on the way over to Isla SanFrancisco
Mike enjoying his sundowner

Hiking to the top
Mike and I being silly

The view from the top of the ridge was beautiful

Isla SanFrancisco Anchorage
We sailed back to La Paz the next day and went out to eat at Sorstis.  It was a beautiful meal. We decided to take Eric to Todos Santos the next day for a little shopping and lunch.

Eric in Todos Santos

Love you, Eric!  Thanks for visiting us!

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