Wednesday, July 12, 2017


We had a really fun time with our friend Annie who flew in from Denver.  We spent three days exploring Papeete and then sailed to Moorea for five days. Here are some of the highlights:

A visit to the local market

A trip to the Street Art Museum with our friend Sylvia.

Octopus art on the outside of the museum

Turtle art on the inside of the museum (both junk art)

We took to the streets to see the art on the sides of local buildings. Here are a few of my favorites:

The city of Papeete hosts an international street art competition every October and the paintings represent the work of the winners.

We had a great lunch at La Rêve de Lucy

We managed to squeeze in a dentist appointment for Mike who had a painful abscess. Mike was put on steroids and an antibiotic and told to return in a week. Just enough time to get out and explore with Annie!

We went to the opening night performance of Heiva, a song and dance competition that occurs every July throughout French Polynesia. No photos were allowed.
A small troop performed outside before the performance began.

The next morning we sailed to Moorea


Sundowners at the Hilton 

The next day we went snorkeling with black tips and sting rays. That was pretty amazing!

Our last day was filled with an island tour on scooters.

Moorea is very beautiful!

We had a little poisson crus as a late lunch and they served it in a coconut shell!

The anchorage was particularly beautiful today as we took the dinghy back to Pangaea.

First Mate Kate

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  1. Looks amazing! Great art and the food looks so fresh! Yum.