Wednesday, July 19, 2017


I already love Papeete. We have been here and the surrounding islands for three weeks. I have already found my favorite park (right on the waterfront near the city marina) place to watch the sunset (Pangaea), restaurants (Le Perchoir and Villa Thai) ice cream shop, best internet (Le Perchoir), and Jewler (Pearl Artists). In order of importance, of course.

My (our) view as Mike and I perform three sets of The Betty Rocker workouts every morning. The pond is filled with many koi fish!

We had a hawksbill sea turtle eating algae off of our dock yesterday. We bonded. I loved being so close to him!

Mike bought me pearls for crossing the Pacific (and for my 50th). The sunset is my favorite time of day and I think all of the colors of the Tahitian sunset are reflected in the color and lustre of the pearls. 

Once again, I am a lucky lady!

We went to the last day of Heiva with our friends Tom & Sylvia. 

 Sylvia with her Polynesian flower wreath 

The Heiva festival has a strict policy against photography, but the festival posted several YouTube videos you can check out here:



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