Friday, September 8, 2017

Katie & Robin

The last adventures on S/V Pangaea began when our friends Katie & Robin from Agave Azul flew in to Papeete from California. They are cruiser friends of ours from Mexico and we were psyched to do some sailing together! So, after the obligatory Pearl shopping and pastry eating was over, we set sail for Mo'orea.

Robin at the helm

Katie enjoying the sail

This Polynesian paddler was fit! He kept up with our 6 knots and paddled in our wake on our way to Marina Tahina for fuel.

Mike pulling out the headsail 

Robin assisting

It was a fun sail albeit a bit lumpy with the sea state; the waves were hitting our beam.

Hello again, Mo'orea. It's nice to be back!

We took a little island tour

Sunny selfie

Pangaea Crew 

We stopped for a snack at the Hilton and witnessed a little beach wedding

Had a windy lunch at Snack Mahana (28 knots).

Went to the shrimp farm and bought two kilos of shrimp

Conventional shrimping tears up the ocean bottom (shrimp are bottom feeders) as the shrimp boats use large scrapers with nets to scrape the shrimp from the bottom of the sea.  Unfortunately they also tear up the coral and disrupt the precious biosystems in the seas in the process of gathering the shrimp. 

The shrimp or "crevettes" were still wiggling around when we bought 

Mike and Robin

Irresistible Oponohu Bay

Robin, Pangaea and Katie 

That evening we left for Huahine and did an overnight sail in order to arrive to cross the reef in daylight. Onto the Leeward Islands!

First Mate Kate

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