Friday, September 8, 2017


We got up early, took our dinghy to shore and provisioned at the grocery store for our trip to Tahaa.

We had a quick motor over to Tahaa. When we arrived at the pass, dolphins joined us and swam at our bow!

We anchored just inside the pass and did a drift dive of both sides of the pass.  It was excellent snorkeling!

Due to a wind event we decided to pull up anchor and head to a more protected bay -Tapuamu Bay.

The weather was very windy and rainy for the rest of our time with Katie and Robin, but we managed to do a few fun things with them and Alcyone before they left.

Pari Pari, a local rum distillery who also sold coconut oils, soaps, sprays and much needed wifi minutes!

Sugar cane juice

House Rum

And the 55 proof! Makes great rum punch!

We also went to Ia Orana Pearl Farm. Tama came to our boats with his panga and took us to the pearl farm.  He also gave us a tour of the operation.  This was the friendliest, most comprehensive tour we have experienced. 

Each pearl takes 18-24 months to grow.  If the pearl forms well, another pearl is made with the same size graft or implant as the original pearl and it will also take 18-24 months to develop.  60 percent of pearls fail to grow in the oysters.

What makes the pearl so beautiful? A piece of the margarita black-lipped oyster shell is inserted with the graft to influence its color.  

How can you choose just one? They are all so beautiful! 

Katie bought some earrings and a few gifts and Betsy bought a long strand of pearls. Fun!

The two weeks went really fast and it came time to say "Goodbye for now" to Katie and Robin. We put them on the ferry to Raiatea where they had a little time to explore before catching their flight to Papeete.

We had such fun ! It was sad to see them go.

First Mate Kate

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