Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Interesting Observations

I love Mexico.  It is beautiful.  People are really nice.  We live on the water and are close to great restaurants, a walkway along the Bahia de La Paz, paddleboarding, swimming, sailing, etc.  We have a marina bathroom with toilets and showers and a little tienda with things like ice, crackers and juice in case you forgot to buy them at the store.

However, the showers have the biggest cockroaches I have ever seen!  The first time I saw one was at night and I let out a blood-curdling scream!  (hey...I'm a girl).  When I was little I used to make my dad come in and kill the spiders in my room before I could fall asleep.  These buggers rival any spider I have ever seen. EEK!  I even resorted to singing to keep them hiding last night.  Not because my singing would scare them away (although some might think so...brother JOHN) but because singing calms me and opera is loud.  I chose Puccini, Massenet and then started making up a song about how afraid I was of the cockroach and how I wanted it to go away.  Since running back to the boat naked really isn't a relaxing or viable option, I kept my eye on the floor as I dressed and escaped without another encounter.  PHEW!

One major event in our lives is going to the grocery store.  I know...don't be silly.  Well....the marina has a little shuttle van but it only drives to the edge of the bay.  So, in order to get to the really good supermercado, one has to walk an additional 5 miles from the little store.  I like walking, and it's a really great way to get to know the city.  However, the sidewalks are dangerous.  They are made of varying types of concrete at all different levels so if you don't look down while you walk, you can hurt yourself.  I've tripped many times.  In fact, today I ran into a lamppost because I was watching a blowup doll Pharmacist with a pink breast cancer ribbon waving to entice me into his store.  OUCH!

I was very pleased with our trip to the supermercado, and we bought a lot of yummy food and adult beverages (7 bags full) for $200.  That would be only about 3 bags full at Whole Paycheck sin tequilla.  The Mexicans do look at you like you are some kind of alien when you hand them your cloth bags with which you want them to bag your groceries.  No plastico! Demasiado plastic en el mar. (TOO MUCH PLASTIC IN THE SEA!)  I am all for bringing your own cloth bags to the grocery store.

The last funny part of this journey is the boat project process.  I help when I can but I am not very electronically or mechanically inclined.  So, mostly I hand tools and a cold beer when it isn't going so well.  I have a very quiet husband.  Sometimes to a fault.  However, I have never heard so many expletives out of him than when he is doing a boat project.  It generally has to do with wiring or old components, or sometimes when he hits his head on the companion way top he forgot to open or the stairs he put up to access the crawl space.  It entertains me.

Mike in boat project mode.

Hasta la bye-bye for now.

First Mate Kate

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