Thursday, October 17, 2013

More Food For Thought

So...more observations.  Cruisers are generally really cool people who have led very interesting lives and chose the lifestyle of cruising for the adventure.  That's reassuring, because that's really why we chose it.  We both love to sail but it was the adventure and the pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zone that enticed us to pull the plug.  We are definitely getting a dose of adventure and pushing the envelope every day!

Learning Spanish has its ups and downs.  I think I'm still speaking mostly Spitalian or Spanglish.  But the intention to speak Spanish is there.  One can get themselves in a bit of trouble with words that sound the same.  

Our new friend Wendy on Willow told us this story...

She worked for the fire department in LA, and got called out for a woman complaining of pain.  When she arrived on the scene, the woman didn't speak a lick of English.   At the time, Wendy knew just a little Spanish.  The EMT team worked her up and transported her to the hospital.  While on route, Wendy asked her if she needed anything.  All the woman said was "hambre".  Wendy thought "hombre".  So...when she got to the ED she told the nurse the woman needed her man.  She wasn't that kind of hungry.  hehe

Need a hand?  This was floating next to our friend Wendy's boat. You never know what might float up after a storm.

I'm pretty sure that's not a hand.  I think.  I hope.  I was too chicken to reach in and find out.  LOL

I have decided that I have ADD.  I am pretty sure that my students will confirm this as a fact from their experiences of my tangential thought process.  However, now that I have time to read, I notice I get distracted really easily and have to re-read passages a lot.  I remember being frustrated by this in college and the only ways I could study were alone in a really quiet library or discussing topics with my classmates.  I even notice that I have to concentrate to stay on track in conversations.  Maybe it's brain strain from all the changes in my life.

We had fun on our iSUPs yesterday.  Between all the walking, paddling and swimming we do, I think we are going to stay pretty fit. Maybe we'll even come back more fit!

So...crocs are the best invention ever for boating.  They are light, comfortable, easy to slip on and off and don't smell after a day paddleboarding.  They do, however, create major drag when swimming, so they have to stay on the board.

It makes me really happy when I can snap a picture like this where Mike is smiling without prompting.  He kicks my butt paddleboarding.  I kick his butt swimming.  HA! 

I thought I'd document my pretty toes (thank you, Casey Montoya).  

I don't need prompting for a smile, either.  :-)

So...I asked my neighbor in passing what her boat name was.  She said Do Be.  So I start cool.  Do!  Be!  Wow....good mantras to live by.  Then I thought, "do be do be do".  (of course...the singing context).  Then Mike looked at me and gave me the toke gesture.  Oh.  Duh.   So much for existentialism.

This was our view from the dock last night.  Hard to beat!

Sending love and sunshine your way!

First Mate Kate

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