Monday, October 14, 2013

Preparing to Sail


We are in boat project mode now, as we prepare to sail the Sea of Cortez.  Mike is literally pulling out the Navigation Station and deciding which components to keep/replace.  New Solar Panels, courtesy of Al Lynch, go up within the week (or is Mexico).

To keep things interesting, Mike and I, along with a few cruiser friends, entered the Harker Boards 3rd Annual SUP Race yesterday.  We did a relay and a sprint and did pretty well, considering we hadn't been on our boards for a few months and it was our first race.  Everyone else had hard boards, so we were a bit at a disadvantage on an inflatable.  It was still a blast and we weren't expecting to win.  LOL

    Team SHINWILLOGAEA (Mike, Wendy on Willow, Rob on Shindig and me)

    Me finishing our relay !!

The beginning of the women's sprint

(Wendy from team SHINWILLOGAEA...closest in...WON!)


We found our way down to La Encantada, the place to go in La Paz for the best live music.  They have a little bit of everything...jazz, blues, indie.  Just not opera.  We met the owner, Lila, who was very nice and actually invited me to sing.  Let's see if I can grow a pair before we set sail.  It's hard to explain, but singing jazz and blues or even pop is not even close to the same as opera, classical or musical theatre.  I have been trained to read music and sing/play from music.  Take that away and I have a hard time feeling comfortable singing.  So...I will have to learn the pieces I want to sing, in the keys that feel the best in my voice, and go down and just sing!  Ha!  Right!  Well...never say never.  I do love to sing.

Signing off for now...

First Mate Kate

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