Monday, March 24, 2014

Our journey begins...


La Paz to Ensenada el Cardonal

Well, if the marine life we saw today was any kind of universal sign that we are supposed to be doing this sailing thing, we got an amazing showing!

We left yesterday morning from Marina Palmira after saying goodbye for now to all our friends on dock 3 and in La Paz the night before at a Pirate Party hosted by Jeanne and Tom on Eagle.

Here are some photo highlights from the Pirate Party.  ARRRGH!


My favorite pirate saying :-)

Jeanne and Tom  (pirate party hosts- S/V Eagle)

Mike and Wendy (S/V Willow)
Kevan (S/V Entre Nous) and Dave (S/V Swan)

Kate and Rhonda (S/V Swan)

One of Tom's pirate shirts :-)

Dave won the pirate costume competition
Dread Pirate Mike

Rhonda and Dave

Wendy and Marilyn (S/V Shaman)

We headed out in more wind than we like, but got off safely thanks to Wendy, Dianne and Terry.

We waited outside the channel for Wendy, who left shortly after us to head home to California.  She met up with us and we sailed toward Isla Espiritu Sancto where Wendy headed south to Muertos. On our way there, we both got a great show from two humpbacks breaching and splashing for a good long time.  A beautiful beginning to our journeys.

S/V Willow with Wendy and monsters aboard

On our 31 mile trip to Ensenada el Cardinal, one of our favorite anchorages, we encountered sea lions, rays doing wild acrobatics in the air, a pod of dolphins feeding and splashing, more whales breaching and our final and escort into the anchorage at sunset by two dolphins who not only led us in but then gave us an aerial show of jumps and flips as the sun went down.  It was an amazing day.  I was able to capture the dolphins at the end with my camera.

Thank you, thank you, thank you universe, for such an amazing gift of today.

We anchored in the left side of the anchorage in about 17' of water on a nice sandy bottom.

First Mate Kate

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