Saturday, April 19, 2014

Punta Chivato

Santa Domingo-Punta Chivato

26 deg 51' 56.5" N 111 deg 50'46.0"W
27 deg 3' 8.40" N 111 deg 57'64.7"W

9 am-12:44 pm

We started out the day in anticipation of big wind.  The forecast was for 18-24 knots, so Pangaea was set with jack lines and we with our PDFs and harnesses.  We left the anchorage right after some steel cut oatmeal and the Sonrisa net.

No wind.  I mean nadda, nothing. So we motored about half way until we got a decent 10-11 knots for the rest of the trip.  We anchored in 20 ' on the NE side near Posada de las Flores.  Hmmm....maybe we need another night there.

We were greeted royally this am by a pod of dolphins across the sea.  Three even came up to the bow of the boat and said hello.

We spent the afternoon reading.  The winds were gusting 20-22 knots most of the day.  

We made chicken mole with the leftover grilled chicken and served it with the last of the plantains and some refried black beans.

After dinner we read some more and I finished City of Thieves in one day!  Such a great book.

We watched the sun go down and then watched The Shawshank Redemption. I was trying to stay up for the lunar eclipse. We watched the first half of it and Mike went to bed, uninspired.  I caved as to not keep him up for another hour.  Wish I had stayed up for the rest of it.

Grateful for today.

First Mate Kate


I awoke early and took some sunrise shots.  The full moon was still up on the west horizon.  It was pretty amazing.

We listened to the net and decided to stay here on more day and ride the south winds up to Santa Rosalia on Wednesday.  Apparently the lunar eclipse was incredible.  That was all everyone talked about on the Sonrisa Net.  Sure wish I had stayed up for it.

We paddled into shore to do some exploring and get some real exercise.  The beach was rich with shells...the most we have seen so far.  The town has its own airstrip and many of the people with homes on the beach fly down in their planes.

We had hoped to stay at Posada de las Flores hotel, but it was all closed up.  We did get some great photos of Pangaea from there.

Grateful for today,

First Mate Kate


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun exploring!! And time to relax and enjoy the solitude, together. Shindig is on its way north, I told Rob to give you both a hug (LOL) when they see you.

  2. Katie and Mike, I so enjoyed reading your posts! Especially the haircut, made me laugh. This all reminds me of last year, and the beautiful places I saw. Keep enjoying the trip, the life, and each other! Best Fishes!