Saturday, April 19, 2014

San Juanico

Isla Coronados- Caleta San Juanico

26 deg 06' 12.0" N 111 deg 16'34.1"W
26 deg 22' 03.9" N 111 deg 26'58.6"W


18 nm
Winds N 14-18
Seas 2-3' 5-6 secs
Engine hours 92.2-95.1

We had a motor sail this am and pretty calm winds leaving Isla Coronados.  On the east side of the island, there were sea lions barking at us as we passed.  A little ways north of the island I saw a blue whale surface, kind of like a submarine.  He blew us a little hello.  Then he was gone.

I hit my head on the boom so hard today I thought I had scalped myself.  I kept asking Mike if he saw blood, to which he simply replied, "Nope."  I am happy there wasn't blood.  My head still hurts like a son-of-a-bitch!

We sailed in strong winds, beating from 11-3 until it was time to take the sails down.  Minutes after we anchored safely, the wind died, and offered us an opportunity to get our SUPs out and explore. We discovered the cruiser shrine tree...and are inspired to add something of our own to represent Pangaea. 

Mike grilled the chicken in our fridge/freezer for the last 17 days.  It was still good!  We made chicken mole with black beans and plantains.  Yum with a capital Y!

Grateful for today,

Firet Mate Kate


We awakened to a perfect morning with calm winds and seas.  The anchorage was prime for exploring.  I found a card I had planned to frame of a couple on a sailboat with a heart-shaped head sail that I donned with the date, Pangaea on the sail, and katie and mike.

Inside, the message of the card read:

Like a prayer flag blows in the wind, may this wave in the good company of our fellow cruisers, and pray for happy hearts, full sails and calm seas.  Enjoy the journey!  Katie and Mike Gordon

We headed over to the cruiser shrine via SUPs, with the card around my neck.  Mike brought shells he found to add to the offering.  We placed it on a tree with room to wave and returned to our boards for serious exploration.

We paddled almost out to the ragged line of rocks that welcome you to the bay.  The water was clear and calm and we had an almost snorkeling view from the boards.  I got some great shots of San Juanico.

On the way back to the boat we stopped at a 57' aluminum troweler named Idlewild.  We had briefly seen the owners in Puerto Escondito and were curious to see her and her crew.

We were invited on board with a beer in our hands and a nice chat commenced with Andy, Julie, Tex and Gretta.  They are co-owners of the boat and their port was Alberta, Canada.  Nice folk!  As we were chatting, Andy noticed my paddle was no longer atop my SUP.  So, a search and rescue mission was launched.  Mike went on his SUP, Andy and Tex in their dinghy.  They followed the waves to the beach in hopes of an easy rescue.  Julie, a mathematician by training, plunked a half-full milk jug in the water to see the paddle's likely course.  
Sure enough, the paddle was found at the exact trajectory as the milk jug!

We surfed back to Pangaea, as the wind and surf had picked up significantly.  We had lunch and were ready for some R and R, which I took more literally than Mike.  I think I have had a nap every day for a week!

While we were enjoying a sundowner, the crew from Idlewild came by on their way to add their mark on the cruiser's shrine to invite us to the beach for a bonfire.  Mike and I gladly accepted and brought the guitar and ipad for some music around the fire.

On the shore of the beach was a dead sea turtle.  Hopefully it had a long, happy life and died of old age.  

We were out late and had a really nice evening.  Paddling back in the dark was a surreal experience.  I felt like I was walking on water...very weightless.  I am actually surprised I stayed on the board.  Did I mention I was wearing a dress?  

We had a late night quesadilla and watched more Breaking Bad.  Almost done!

First Mate Kate

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