Saturday, April 19, 2014

Santa Rosalia

Day 2 


Punta Chivato- Santa Rosalia

27 deg 3' 8.40" N 111 deg 57'64.7"W
27 deg 20'14.9"N 112 deg 15'49.6"W

Mostly sunny
Calm winds
Calm seas

Catch of the Day: 2 skipjacks, 1 bonita 

We awoke early to get a good start on our journey.  We left right after the net with Solar Flair and Good As Gold right behind us.  We had a little dolphin show as we left the anchorage.

The winds were pretty light but we motor sailed with the sails full most of the day, and even had the Gennaker out for a spin.

Since it was such a calm day, we decided to focus on fishing.  Success!  In an hour's time we reeled in 3 tuna...2   Skipper Jack and 1 Bonita.  We threw them back, as they are not our favorite eats.  Exciting, though!

We were the last of the three boats into Santa Rosalia because of our fishing delay, and the other two groups had a slip in the marina for us and greeted us as we came in.  So nice!

We got settled in, put water in our tanks and washed the boat.  After a long, hot shower, we joined Dina and Malcolm on Good As Gold, Cinthia and Lee on GoldenHeart, and Jim and Kathy on Solar Flair out for a roasted chicken dinner. After dinner we went down to the center of town to follow a procession of Yaqui people presenting themselves in masks and ceremony for Semana Santa.  That little walk around the town was just the ticket to justify a little ice cream.  First one all tri
Glad to be here, safe and sound.

First Mate Kate

Day 3


Today was See Santa Rosalia Day.  We went up to the French Mesa and toured the copper mining part of town, including the main office building that now stands as a museum.

The architecture was very quaint.

We walked down to the center of the city to see a church designed by Eifel, which apparently was shipped and assembled here Ikea style.

We stocked up on food and water and enjoyed margaritas with the other boats in the marina.

Dinner was back in town at El Mulle with Brian and Barb on La Gaviata, a couple we met in Punta Chivato.

Grateful for today,

First Mate Kate

Day 4


Today is Good Friday, and Santa Rosalia has a tradition of reenacting the trial and journey of Christ to be crucified.  We went to the Zocolo to see the people of Santa Rosalia having a community Tenebrae service.  The journey coursed to twelve different points of town symbolizing twelve points of the cross.  The final destination was at the highest point of the city at the cemetery, where the crucifixion took place.  Songs of the service bellowed through the town from speakers atop the mountain.

The Yaqui people had their own ceremony today where they walk to La Ramada, a makeshift church in the fields at the edge of town.  A curtain is drawn and lifted several times, and the ceremonial Yaquis have to strip themselves of their masks and costumes they have worn throughout the 40 days of Lent and make it to the church before the curtain falls.  Those who make it into the church shall be saved from their pilgrimage.  Tomorrow am they burn the clothing and masks they wore.

The rest of the day was earmarked for laundry, errands and emails...or LEE.  

We dined with Kathy and Jim and Barb and Brian tonight at El Mulle for some yummy pizza.

Grateful for today,

First Mate Kate

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