Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Agua Verde Part II

Bahia Agua Verde

25 deg 43' 41.8"N 111 deg 14'14.2"W
25 deg 31' 30.7"N 111 deg 04'44.1"W


It was a heavenly two days at Villa Palmar...sitting by the pool, swimming in the anchorage, hiking, having unlimited whatever brought to you wherever and whenever you want.  What a nice break...a vacation within a vacation.  However, it was a promise made by Mike that we could stay in a hotel for a couple of nights every 4-6 weeks if I want.  The large bed and hot shower that can keep running as I lather definitely were appreciated.

We checked out and headed towards Agua Verde around 10 and arrived a little after 3 pm.  We actually were able to sail all the way here.  Amen to that.  I actually took a nap on the way here.
We went for a paddle and a swim and then took a cockpit shower.  Nothing like public nudity.  :-)

Mike and I serenaded the anchorage at sunset time spurred on by a little liquid courage called a G and T.   

Happy to be back in this lovely anchorage.  Looking around, we have lots of familiar boats:  Quetzal, Capricorn Cat, Tortuga, Puffin and Godzilla.  

First Mate Kate


We had a nice, lazy start to our morning.  I didn't even check into the net.  Once the coffee kicked in we decided to go exploring.  A mini cruise ship called the Un Cruise had found its way into our anchorage over night, and it was bustling with activity.  Numerous kayaks were already sprinkled out among the reefs. 

We paddled over to the south side of the anchorage and said hello to Cap Cat.  We also met Phil, a staff member of the Un Cruise, who said he'd be working on the ship for 2 months and they had been sailing the Sea of Cortez originally from La Paz.  However, he mentioned that the boat was originally from Cartagena and that they were thinking of doing trips to Central America and the Galapagos.

We paddled back and had some lunch and relaxed for a bit. 

Later in the afternoon we went snorkeling along the north reef.  Boy, were there some huge fish!  I think Mike was kicking himself for not bringing the spear gun.  There were a ton of dinner options...parrotfish, grouper, snapper, along with little sargent majors, angel fish, etc. The coral species were plentiful and we saw fan and elk coral (new to me).  I also saw my first octopus!  It was hiding under a rock but I could see his tentacles.  Maybe he was shy.

It was pretty chilly in the water so we took a hot shower in the cockpit.  I guess we are losing our inhibitions with all our public nudity. 

It was a poor decision on my part to not bring enough spray conditioner.  When I was done with my shower I thought for sure that I would have dreadlocks.  Rat nest city.  Luckily, with enough patience and some pain I managed to brush them out.

We made a nice dinner of chicken mole and had a quiet evening.  

Mike noticed that a new cruise ship had come into the anchorage.  It was lit up like a small city!

Sharing the anchorage with billionaires,

First Mate Kate


Well, it turns out that that "cruise ship" was actually a huge private yacht, and a special one at that.  It was the yacht built for Steve Jobs and it now is owned by a Mexican citizen (we heard).  It stands alone on the south side of Agua Verde in majestic glory.  I think I may have to get a closer look.

We decided to give fishing around the reef a try.  We went out on our paddle boards and I spotted the fish and pulled Mike on his board toward the fish.  He layed on his stomach with his mask and snorkel on and had his face in the water to watch the fish around the bait.  No takers, but it was fun.

On our way back we saw the puppy that we had met on the beach the day we arrived.  She was howling for us and trying to swim to us.  We didn't want her to come out to us as there were anemones on the rocks and we didn't want her to get hurt.  Mike paddled ahead and we met her on the beach.  She gave us a happy hello and played with us for a while.

I made little egg salad sandwiches with my homemade bread for lunch.  We split a mango we bought here in Agua Verde.  Yum!

We paddled over to pyramid rock to do more snorkeling.  The security for the mega yacht was watching us as we paddled by them, and all of a sudden a policia truck appeared on the beach.  Mike said it was because we were too close to them.  I say it was a coincidence.  We took a very purposeful, out of the way paddle toward the beach to respect their privacy.

The wind had picked up and the water was a little cloudy.  We ended up at our favorite south anchorage and played frisbee and went for a walk.

The paddle back to Pangaea wasn't too bad.  Cold showers were enjoyed on board today, in our shower.  No nudity for the mega yacht.

As we were enjoying our sundowners the yacht pulled away off into the sunset.  Ok...they headed south.  

We made an excellent steak dinner, with potato fries, broccoli and garlic bread.

Snorkeling's fun!

First Mate Kate

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