Monday, May 5, 2014

Return to Isla Coronados


Caleta San Juanico-Isla Coronados

26 deg 20' 55,5"N 111 deg 25' 01.9"W
26 deg 06' 12.0" N 111 deg 16'34.1"W

Nice winds 10 knots NW
Sunny day
Choppy Seas
All sail day
Engine hours 137.2-138.0

1:00-4:30 pm

We almost slept through the net.  Ok, I slept through half of it.  I was so itchy from my hornet stings that I took a Benadryl at 2 am. 

We got up, ate a big breakfast, and paddled the lagoon off the breakwater. We then hiked up to the top of the hill and back around where we hiked yesterday.  At the top of the hill was a lot overlooking the anchorage as well as the lagoon below.  We decided if someone else doesn't build a house there, we would!

We pulled up the anchor and sailed off to Isla Coronados.  Our fellow cruisers on Tortuga and Puffin joined us, and it was sort of a race.  We were ahead of them all the way to the anchorage but then they motor sailed while we were still under sail.  

It's nice to be back here, and closer to Puerto Escondito for Loreto Fest.

We are looking forward to a quiet evening with homemade pizza and margaritas.

Happy Sunday,

First Mate Kate

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