Monday, May 5, 2014

Bahia Candeleros


Puerto Escondito- Bahia Candeleros

25 deg 49' 37.2"N 111 deg 18'88.1"W
25 deg 43' 41.8"N 111 deg 14'14.2"W


Sunny skies
Breezy 9-13 knots SE
Seas 0-1'

Engine hours 146.8-149.0

I awoke early and decided to go for a paddle by myself, as Mike was sleepy. I went around the large part of the anchorage and had a zen beginning to my day.  The rays were really plentiful today, and I watched many swim in formation.  They almost look like they are flying in slow motion.  I saw a huge manta ray-black with white spots and a tail that was 3-4' long! Gorgeous!

We took the dinghy in to the marina to fill up two jerry jugs of water.  The water is pure and comes from the mountains, so we wanted to take advantage of that.

We headed out for a quick motor sail up to Candeleros.  We are going to check out the resort there, Villa Palmar, and stay a couple of nights!  Yay!  Guess what?!  Mike towed the dinghy all the way there.  UNHEARD OF!

I am making a loaf of bread as I type.  It sure is nice to have homemade bread!

We took a dinghy ride into Villa Palmar Resort to check it out.  It is really nice!  We made a reservation to stay a couple of nights, hang by the pool and chill.  We took advantage of happy hour and had a couple of margaritas and a burger.  

Pangaea in the background in Bahia Candeleros

We came back to Pangaea after a quick swim in the anchorage.

We will likely get a good night's sleep and head in early to the resort to make the most of our day.

We checked the weather report after we made reservations and were elated to see that the winds are staying out of the south for the next two days and switching to the north the day we check out.  We will be safe in the anchorage while we are at the hotel and have a downwind sail to Agua Verde!!

Woo Hoo!

First Mate Kate


Day 2

We checked into Villa de Palmar, ate breakfast and went to the pool.  This was our view.  Not bad, eh?  I did water aerobics while Mike caught up on email and Facebook.

We swam in the anchorage, took a hike around the area and took showers before a beautiful dinner.  It was a great day off the boat, although we kept a good eye on her all day.  

First Mate Kate

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