Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Chacala to La Cruz

It was definitely bittersweet leaving Chacala.  We had such a fun day here and felt proud of ourselves for surfing, or at least attempting to surf.  Ha!  That being said, the night was a rolly one and we were happy to get on with our trip to Punta de Mita.  It was only a day sail to our anchorage.  However, we did have a weird wind event happen on the way there.  We were motor sailing when all of a sudden we had wind!  First about 8 knots, so we rolled out the jib.  Then 12 knots and quickly we were in 18-20 knots wondering if we needed to reef.  It was really fun!  30 minutes later the wind died as quickly as it came up and we were motor sailing again.

We were lucky to see a few humpback sprays as we entered Bandaras Bay.  It is a breading hotspot for humpbacks, one of the reasons we love coming here so much!  This is where it all began for us.  We bought Pangaea in Puerto Vallarta in April of 2009 and this is our first time back here since we sailed to the Baja side back in 2012.

We anchored at Punta de Mita and took a swim.  It was warm and we needed a cooling off.  That evening we made dinner and went to bed early.  It was a full day.

The next morning we paddled around the anchorage and did some mid-anchorage breaker surfing.  Not quite as easy with all the rocks in the surf.

Around noon we headed to La Cruz where our friends Nancy and Rob were awaiting our arrival.  The greeted us on the radio and then helped us with our lines for docking.  That night we dined together at Frascatti's at the marina.  It was a beautiful evening with good friends and a gorgeous sunset.

We are happy to be back !

First Mate Kate

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  1. Really enjoyed reading your passage descriptions! It helped me remember some of our own passage, with Mike aboard! :) Look forward to seeing you both soon aboard Pangaea.