Friday, January 2, 2015

Isla Isabel to San Blas


Isla Isabel - San Blas 39 nm

We are on our way to San Blas and we have already seen 2 humpbacks breaching out in the distance.

We definitely need more comfortable cockpit cushions. My butt is sore!!

I did a little singing this am...Mozart, Puccini, Faure..and had a little audience of boobies occasionally.  They circled the boat a few times and then flew off, probably looking for fish, but it was nice that they were there.

While I was singing I noticed another humpback show.  It was literally whale tail after whale tail for about 10 minutes. There was a shrimp boat nearby.  I hope they noticed the entertainment they were being delivered. :)

Our friend Wendy on Willow reminds me that if you are not seeing marine life then you are not looking!  You have to look to see.  Well, thank you, Wendy, for reminding me to always look.

We had a relatively uneventful sail here, other than I probably drove Mike crazy with all my singing.  He probably thinks he married the female version of Adam Sandler.  I probably did miss my calling with Sesame Street.  Ha!

We had our anchor down beer and enjoyed the sea breeezes.  It's great to be on mainland Mexico!!  From now on, coastal cruising until we head back to La Paz.  Steve and Kathy and their kids Kevin and Sidney stopped by in their dinghy to say hello.  They are on m/v Adagio.  I like the name of their boat!

Beautiful sunset at Mantanchen

We decided to inflate our dinghy and get her ready to go for a trip into San Blas in the morning.

The evening ended with a few episodes of Big Bang Theory.

Hasta Pronto,

First Mate Kate

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