Sunday, January 11, 2015

La Cruz, MX

We continue to have a great time in La Cruz.  We said goodbye to Nancy and Rob on Shindig as they headed back to the U.S. We are thankful that they reserved their last night in La Cruz for a while to dine with us!

One aspect of being on mainland Mexico that I forgot about is being awakened by this little guy. Or one of his compadres.  The problem is, they don't tell time very well.  Sometimes they start calling at 4:30 in the am and as late as 4 pm.  I think they are dipping into the tequila.  Could someone please tell them that once is enough and if they could wait until the sun actually comes up that would be really swell. It got to the point that I started translating their rooster phrases into English.  At first, it was sweet, like "Happy New Year".  Then, "Get your suit on" (as I liked to go paddling first thing in the am) but regressed to "Put some pants on" and "I'm annoying".

Nancy showed me all the important places in La Cruz before she left, so we headed out this am to eat breakfast at Gecko Rojo, the best place to get fast wifi.  They also happen to have really good food, so this became our routine for the rest of the week.

We made a pact to go out every night to meet new people and have a real taste of La Cruz.  So, that is what we did.

Our first night we went back to Gecko Rojo and saw a really fun band called Volksjammin (or something like that).  The lead guitarist was Eddie VanHalen impressive!  People were dancing and even some of the dogs got in the act.
Volksjammin jammin away
Pam and Henry dancing the night away

We would have eaten every night at La Silla Roja every night, but Mike decided pizza sounded good for our last night in La Cruz.

This little restaurant made the best quesadillas!!

La Silla Roja

We walked to Charlie's place for our last dinner out for really good pizza and some football watching with fellow cruisers.  Then, of course, back to Gecko Rojo for more live music!  We ran into this lady walking her daschunds on the way.  We also ran into a little boy walking home with the catch of the day.  Nice catch!

Momma with 4 puppies!  So sweet

Eventually I will have a dog again

Local boy with red snapper he caught!

La Cruz has a really large farmer's market every Sunday that we look forward to attending when we return.  Lots of local fruits, vegetables, wares, meats, fish, etc.  There is also a daily fish market.  We are really fortunate!  We paddled on our SUPs every day.  The anchorage is a great place to go, especially in the morning when the sea turtles and rays swim around you.  

La Cruz Anchorage

Mike Paddling

Pangaea happily on Dock 4

Mike and Kate enjoying a margarita on the beach

We will see you soon, La Cruz!

Hasta Pronto!

First Mate Kate

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  1. Hi Kate and Mike! So glad you made it back to the mainland and had a fun trip while doing so. I've really enjoyed reading about your sail across the Sea of Cortez. I hope we get to see you again when we get to the mainland. We are not in a rush as you can see.
    Sylvia from Cinnabar