Tuesday, December 29, 2015


A little street dog sort of adopted us this week and stole our heart. 

The first day we saw her while we were walking around the shipyard.  She picked up and just followed us into town.  The next day she followed us back to our hotel at night (Mike and I are staying at the lovely Villla Amor del Mar in La Cruz while our boat is in the yard on the hard).  That night she played on the beach and in the surf with me.  She seemed a little unsure of the water.  We didn't really want her to come up to the hotel as no pets are allowed, but she did.  When we closed the door she cried. We saw her walking around the property and then must have gone back to the marina.    "How sweet", I thought.  Dulce....sweet.  So, it was her new name.

The next day we saw her near the yard and around town.  There was a party for Blanca from the marina office at the deli and Dulce followed us there.

After getting tacos with a few fellow sailors we headed back to the marina and Dulce was there to escort us home.  This time she slept on the back steps and was there in the morning when we got up.  

We decided that we would take her to the vet and try to fin.  So, we walked to the vet with Dulce in tow.  At one point I called her name and motioned for her to come.  She stopped, turned back towards us and howled the cutest little high pitch "Aooooo!"

The vet examined her, told us she had an eye infection and injury (probably was hit by a rock), had a skin irritation from sleeping on concrete, was likely in heat for the first time and needed a good meal. We started her eye drops and gave her food and water and some treats.

When we returned our hosts at the hotel talked to us about 'our dog' and we explained the situation. They were kind and understanding and the grounds keeper, Juan Carlos, seemed interested in adopting her.

That night she followed us to town for tacos but stayed in town while we went to a movie at the marina.  (The latest Mission Impossible).  On our way home we walked back to the taco place and there she was! She seemed happy to see us and joined us for our walk home.  That night she was allowed to sleep on our terrace.

The next day she was scheduled to be spayed.  I had a women's event so Mike took her to the vet's.

Cindy and Chris (hosts) offered us their car to go pick her up and gave us old towels for her to be more comfortable sleeping.  Very nice!

Dulce did very well and seemed ok to walk around the next morning.  She even chased Cindy's cat, much to everyone's chagrin.  

Juan Carlos planned to take her home in the afternoon so we took her back to the vet (with the help of our friends Ken and Cari on Bula) do she could get another shot for pain.

When we returned to the hotel, Juan Carlos was waiting for us with his wife to take Dulce home.

Here we are with Dulce and her new family:

First Mate Kate

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