Monday, December 7, 2015

Isla Isabel to La Cruz

It is always hard to leave Isla Isabel.  I love it here.  Although today it was literally hard to leave.  Our anchor, which was so nicely dived by Kevin on Andante, got itself wrapped around a large rock in the surf and Mike and I had to do a little boat tango to get it freed.  We got it! No problema.

Because Al was on board, we saw whales all around us as we left our anchorage.  We had a nice day sail from Isla Isabel to Chacala complete with successful fishing.  A bunch of skipjack or "Skippies" decided to "bite" and it gave our sail a little added adventure.  I had to laugh afterwards, as I noticed while sitting on the side of the boat that the skipjack must have been conducting some kind of hazing for the young fish.  For what had to be at least an hour, there was a school of skippies swimming by the boat.  Thousands of little throw-back tuna just swimming right by our lures.  I tried to get a video of it but it didn't turn out.  Catching five didn't seem like such a big deal after seeing how many we didn't catch.  

We arrived in the afternoon and took brownies to the port captain for check in.  No, not Colorado brownies.  The Ghiradelli kind.  Our friend Nancy on Shindig turned me on to this tradition.  She bakes something homemade and treats the Port Captain.  I think it is very thoughtful.  Thank you, Nancy, for the great idea. I am paying it forward, in a way.

Chacala has a reputation of being rolly, so we weren't sure how long we would stay.  It was a beautiful sunset and we had a nice dinner on the boat. 

Another great day with Al!

First Mate Kate

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