Friday, November 8, 2013

Exploring Isla San Francisco


We heard on the net this am that it was going to be gusting 20-26 out of the north today, so we decided to spend the day in our anchorage at Isla San Francisco.  We took the board in (against the wind) to the shore and did a hike to the top of the mountain.  This is really a beautiful anchorage.  Here are some shots we got from the hike:

San Francisco Bay (the less famous one) with Pangaea out in front

First Mate Kate and Captain Mike :)

Luckily, Nancy (on Shindig), had just been up here and warned us of how bad the no-see-ems and mosquitos are.  We were prepared with shirts and bug spray.   It is an awfully gorgeous view from up top.
Normally there are salt ponds from which one can harvest their own sea salt, but with all the rain this area has had, they were all covered in fresh water. 

We wanted to harvest sea salt to use while sailing and to take home to friends.  Next time, I guess.  

Mike and Paul had more time to solve all the problems in the world. :)


First Mate Kate

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