Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Mexican Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving Day.  In Mexico.  What an experience!

Thanksgiving began in the cockpit of our boat playing and singing with Scott (Scott Free).  Wendy (Willow) and John (Time Piece) came over to take in the music and fun.  Even Al joined in on the fun!  After an hour or so, margaritas were served while I finished up rosemary sweet potatoes and jalapeño cranberries for the potluck.

John and Wendy
Mike and Scott

Katie and Mike

Yes...I'm actually playing guitar
Al holding the guitar.  :-)

We were well into celebration mode by the time we headed to the potluck.  There were 200 of us at Thanksgiving dinner, which was set up outside under tents by the marina office.  An old bakery oven was used to cook all the turkeys and I have to say, it was the best darn turkey I have ever had!  

Mike and Katie enjoying Thanksgiving dinner

We all ate well and moved the party from the tents to all aboard Shindig.  They have the perfect cockpit for a post-Thanksgiving party.

Scott and Mike brought their guitars over and were playing a bit, when all of a sudden, a mass jam band (bluegrass style) broke out on Shindig.  It was amazing!  Quite the impromptu party!

Rob (Shindig) and Patty (Oogachucka)
Nancy (Shindig)

Patty and Ken (Oogachucka)

Rhonda and Dave (Swan) 

Mandoline and fiddle
Guitar and fiddle

Mike on guitar

Scott on guitar

Here's a movie of the music (hard to see, but you get the idea).

I am very grateful for a day full of music, laughter, friendship, food and fun.  It was definitely one of the most memorable Thanksgivings I have ever had.  Thank you, Marina Palmira, Shindig and friends, for offering up such a rich and beautiful day!

First Mate Kate

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