Monday, November 4, 2013

Sailing (finally) in the Sea of Cortez


Ah.  Back to the islands.  I love the marina and the great friends we are meeting, but there isn’t anything like just being in the Sea and anchoring.

Right before we left our shore power battery charger died so we no longer had any incentive to stay in the marina.  Thanks to Al Lynch, to whom we will be eternally grateful for many things, we have four new solar panels keeping us going.  When we left, our battery power was down to 50% capacity.  By the time we arrived in Caleta, we were topped back off to 100%!!

Our friend Paul Anzalone came down from Denver to enjoy our first sail on the Sea since our arrival in early October.  He was our first guest on Pangaea back in 2009 when we bought her.  We were in Puerta Vallarta and as far south as Manzanilla together.  Paul has a lot of sailing experience and gave us a tutorial on pretty much how to do everything on the boat.  We are grateful to him for his patience and mentorship.  He hasn’t been on this side of Mexico and is already loving it!

Our first day was spent sailing to Caleta Partida.  We actually sailed most of the day.  We anchored and then gave Paul his first paddle board experience.  The wind was blowing, so it was a tough day to learn.  That being said...he only fell inonce!!

We had homemade tamales from the Tamale Lady by the Cow store in La Paz for dinner with broccoli and black beans.  YUM!

We finished the evening with margaritas and a tequila liqueur.  Paul fell asleep on the bench.  

What a great day!

First Mate Kate

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