Tuesday, May 23, 2017


We arrived to the channel crossing right on time to enter, and two boats were already entering.

We had an easy crossing and were anchored down in no time.

The little town of Makemo.

 Shortly after we arrived a big supply ship came in bringing food, gas, a new boat for someone and other supplies. 

 The water in this remote anchorage is beautiful! As we were anchoring a mini squall came through and a full rainbow was behind us. We swam over to Magic after swimming our anchor and saw Unicorn fish. Rainbows and Unicorns, why should we ever leave?!

Tumbleweed is here!  Douglas and Morgan were kind enough to show us where the grocery stores were.

 This little dachshund mix gets a ride  into town 

The church in town was founded in 1884

I love the door and the insignia above the door. Notice how the anchor is bigger than the cross? Nice.

 Rob and Mike checking out the pier for potential kiteboarding launch site.

The homes here have much more structure than in the Marquesas 

An abandoned home

Gotta love this water!

We did a drift dive of the pass with a few of the boats here and saw black and white tipped sharks and other neon colored fish.  That was a rush!

First Mate Kate

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