Monday, April 24, 2017

Fueling Up

We came into the Bay on fumes after having to motor for the last three days of our passage.

When Rob and JD offered to give us a hand at the fuel dock, we said YES!

There are no photos of this process, as it takes 100% concentration at hands on.

We had to tie up in a Med mooring stern-to. This alone requires a man on the dock helping with the lines, a person on board securing the lines, a person at the helm, and a person at the bow dropping the anchor and keep the stern of the boat at a safe distance from the fuel dock.

There was a lot of surge and swell which made the whole process a bit scarier.

When we finished, we were all hot and tired.  The remedy?  Go for a swim! We had about 6 knots of wind so we unfurled the Jib part way and turned off the engine.  We were moving 1.5-2 knots.  Rob tied a fender to 150 ft of line and attached it to Pangaea.

I went in, as well.  It was very refreshing!

Thanks again, guys!!

First Mate Kate

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